ERA PAINTS Applying Touch Up Paint Instructions

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Thank you for choosing ERA Paints! Customer service is our primary goal – we ask that you please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have at or (971)-770-2372 prior to leaving negative/neutral feedback. We want to make applying touch up paint an easy and painless process!

Please read, fully understand, and follow these directions before beginning your touchup paint project.

Improper preparation or application will result in paint adhesion issues, ‘fish eyes’, paint flaking, etc.  We are not liable for vehicle damage caused by improper prep/application.

These instructions assume you purchased a prep kit or have similar materials/tools to do the job.

Important: It is very important that you test your paint on the test card or in an inconspicuous place on your vehicle for confirmation of correct color BEFORE CONTACTING US or applying paint to your vehicle.  Dried paint will look different than wet paint or paint in a bottle.  For step by step video instructions please visit our website at ERA Paints

Test Card Creation: Before doing any prep work, USE THE ENCLOSED TEST CARD to create a test card to see how well our paint matches your vehicle’s – follow the directions on the back of the test card, and color-compare in full direct sunshine.

Surface Preparation: 

Thoroughly clean the area to be repaired with wax/grease remover (glass cleaner or similar can be used as a substitute) & let dry completely. Assure the surface is free of wax, oil, and other surface contaminates by applying wax/grease remover to a clean lint free towel (blue shop towel) and use it to clean paint surface to (only apply wax/grease remover to the towel – never directly on paint). If sanding is needed: Use fine sandpaper (at least 320 or 600 grit) to remove rust or bad surface damage.

Dabber Usage:

There are several different tools and methods which can be used to apply primer, touchup paint and clear coat to scratches and chips on your vehicle. We have chosen a ‘dabber’ for our kits (as opposed to a brush or pen), as it works great as long as you know how to use it. So here are some helpful hints:  First, we have included 2 dabbers for each bottle of paint you have ordered. We’ve done this as a customer service gesture on our part so you will have an extra dabber for future use. Also note that these dabbers can be cleaned & reused – just use a little paint thinner or mineral spirits to completely clean the paint out of them.

How to use: DO NOT use a dabber as a paint brush – you will destroy the tip and the fill-in scratch line will not be optimal. Instead gently dab a ‘dot’ of paint into the scratch (light dots/coats only!) in a ‘connect-the-dots’ techniques (see our video on our website). Do not attempt to use the dabber to move paint inside the scratch – simply use many small ‘dots’. Your results will look better if you have patience and take your time filling in scratches or chips.

touch up paint instructions

Primer Application (if purchased, Highly Recommended): 

Apply 2-3 dot-coats of primer on plastic or bare metal waiting 5-10 minutes to dry between each coat. If well-applied, primer will seal rust. Allow primer to dry for 30 minutes before sanding with 600 grit sandpaper until surface is smooth and flush with surrounding area.

Applying Touch Up Paint: 

Before using, thoroughly shake the touch up paint jar upside down. Then stir the paint with the provided dabber, or use a small, clean metal rod. Then apply as many dot-coats as necessary to cover the area waiting leaving 5-10 minutes minimum between coats. Wax/grease remover can be used to gently wipe away excess paint. If you are not applying clear coat over the paint, you can apply polishing compound to bring out shine after the paint is fully dry (wait at least one day).

Clear Coat Application (if you purchased clear coat – strongly recommended): 

Thoroughly shake the touch up paint jar upside down before applying.  Then allow at least 30 minutes after basecoat paint before applying clear coat. Gently apply multiple layers of clear coat dot-coats waiting 15-20 minutes between applications. The clear coat should be dry in 2 hours, moreover, for best results let it dry overnight. You should wait at least one week before applying wax to the area.


CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Our paint and wax/grease remover products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm – use in a well-ventilated area and avoid contact with skin. Customers accept responsibility for using products in a safe and responsible manner. Exercise caution when using our products. Follow product instructions carefully. Keep paint and other paint products away from children. Please dispose of unused paint products carefully and respect local regulations. Use protective equipment during application – toxic chemicals that are found in spray can inhalants can pass into the bloodstream and eventually make their way to the brain. These chemicals represent a number of health risks and potentially fatal dangers. Someone who intentionally sniffs a large amount of the chemicals found in aerosols is at risk of brain kidneys or liver damage, visual problems, seizures, loss of hearing, central nervous system damage, dementia, and even suffocation or Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome. Please be aware that spray can sniffing is fairly common among teenagers. MSDS sheets are available for all products upon request.

Do you learn better visually? Check our YouTube for more great how to’s and informational videos to make your project perfect!