How to Find Your Chevrolet Paint Code: Step by Step Video

How do you find the paint code for your Chevrolet

You will find your Chevrolet paint code on the service parts identification tag. The location of this will vary depending on whether you own a Corvette, a Cruze, or a Spark. Our list below includes the places you will most likely find your service tag and paint codes. To see it you need to look:

  • On the driver's side and passenger side door jamb
  • In the glove box
  • On the cowl
  • On the inside of the trunk to the right or left
  • Inside the trunk lid

You can also check the spare tire cover, and in the middle of the console. Generally, the tags are white, silver, or black.

If you are having trouble finding the identification tag or it is not in any of the locations above, then give us a call. Our number is 971-770-2372, and we are available to help from 8:00 am till 2:00 pm PST during the week and most Saturdays. Or you can send us an email at

Chevrolet Paint Code Location

Chevrolet Paint Code Location

What does your Chevrolet paint code mean?

Whether you drive a Suburban, a Silverado 1500, or a Blazer, the paint codes will be

Chevrolet Paint Code Location

Chevrolet: What do you know?

Known by their nickname, Chevy, the car giant started in 1911 and was at one point the most sold brand in the GM family. They are famous throughout the world and even have a presence in Australia and New Zealand with their Holden brand. In recent times, their Volt plug-in hybrid and all-electric Spark have led the way in the electric vehicle market.

The iconic Corvette was launched in 1953 and is now most prevalent in colors like 16/WA213M Graystone Metallic. Also, the Corvette is a favorite racing car often seen at Daytona and Le Mans. In their century-long presence in the car market GM has sold over 500 million cars making them the 4th largest brand by sales.

made up of numbers and letters. The paint codes are generally three digits in length.

Example: 636R

The above color code is from a Chevy Cruze 636R Switchblade Metallic Silver truck. Other examples include 50GAZ/WA8624 Olympic White and 41/WA8555K Black. Be are that Chevrolet uses different codes for the same color, so if you find multiple codes in your search online, this is why. For example, 51/GAO/WA316N all represent Gold Mist Metallic.

When you find your service parts identification sticker, you will be presented with a whole host of three-digit numbers. The Chevrolet paint code will usually be prefixed with "BC/CC U," this stands for basecoat/ clearcoat and upper color but may also start with WA. However, when you select your paint online, you just need the code.

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R.P. from Nogales, AZ shared that his Gold Mist Metallic 51/GAO/WA316N paint for his Chevy Tahoe was: perfectly packaged and matched OEM color as described!

F.C. from Reno, NV purchased Olympic White 50GAZ/WA8624 for his Chevy Equinox and said:  Outstanding customer service!! Love these folks.

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