How to Find Your Toyota Paint Code: Step by Step Video

Where to find your Toyota Paint Code

Regardless of whether you own a Highlander or a 4Runner, Toyota has made finding your paint code exceptionally easy. Thankfully, they have put the paint code in the same spot for every model and year. To find the code:

  • Open the driver's side door
  • Look on the driver's side door jamb
  • Find the VIN sticker which will either be white, black, or silver

Our list above includes the typical location of the Toyota paint code. If the Toyota VIN tag is not in the position above, we recommend calling our hotline on 971-770-2372. We are available from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm PST. It doesn't matter if you have a Supra or a Prius, once you provide our staff with a few details about your vehicle, they'll be able to identify the correct paint code. Alternatively, email us at

Toyota Paint Code Location

Toyota Paint Code Location

How to spot your Toyota paint code on your VIN tag

Toyota Paint Code Location

Toyota's paint codes contain both numbers and letters. They are three characters long and will be prefixed by "C/TR:"

An example code is: C/TR: 1G3/FB22

In the example above, you can ignore C/TR and anything that occurs after the /. The above represents 1G3 Magnetic Gray, and other examples include 212 Obsidian.

When looking at the VIN sticker on your Tacoma, it isn't always easy to spot the color code at first. But Toyota has made it as straightforward as possible by placing the code on the left-hand side of the tag right underneath the bar code.

How much do you know about Toyota?

Toyota has been famous around the world for a long time. Starting in 1937 and initially named after its founder Kijchiro Toyoda, the world's biggest car manufacturer has come along way since. In the U.S., the most popular model is the Toyota Camry, but owners tend to keep the Toyota Prius in 1J9 Celestial Silver Metallic and Highlander for the longest periods.

Surprisingly, most Americans also choose a very narrow range of colors for their Toyotas, with white colors claiming the top spot. Coming in a close second and third are black and silver, which includes colors like the iconic 1J9 Classic Silver Metallic and 202 Black.

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