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• One 10 oz. aerosol can of ERA Paints Primer
• Made in America Product
• High quality sandable primer
• Promotes adhesion to bare metal, ABS plastic components and body putty
• Allows for correct color match to Factory paint
• Provides proper surface for Basecoat application

Our Premium quality primer:

The first step in repairing your vehicle to its factory color. To achieve the best results, use ERA Paints Aerosol Primer. For the best adhesion to the painting surface, primer is necessary.  Providing corrosion resistance, our automotive spray primer is designed to protect your vehicle from any damage.  Primer is used to cover over bare metal, body putty and plastic.  Basecoat will not stick correctly to these surfaces as they are not smooth enough. Our Primer sticks well to all clean, bare surfaces, while also providing protection for the surface underneath.  Primer can smooth out scratch and imperfections and will help with Basecoat blending process.  Using primer is the key to acquiring the best finish for your paint repair.

ERA Paints Primer has been developed to dry fast and provide even coverage. Our unique formula is made to work with our Basecoat color products. It’s formula will not react  negatively to the paint as other, lower quality primers can. For the best results, always use ERA Paints Primer with ERA Paints Basecoat and Clearcoat products.

For ERA Paint’s detailed application directions, click here.

ERA Paint’s premium quality automotive spray primer allows for correct color match.
One 10 ounce aerosol can of spray primer (Quality Product – Made in America)

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