Our range of Chevy colors makes it easier than ever to discover the Chevy touch up paint that is perfect for your vehicle and will guarantee a flawless factory finish.

Whether you are looking for 2018 Silverado colors, 2017 Tahoe colors, or even Swift Red for a 1942 Chevy, ERA has the Chevy touch up paint you need.

We make sure that you always find the Chevy colors that you need. Regardless of whether you are looking for Chevy truck colors or touch up paint for your 2018 Equinox. Our guides break down the whole process and make it easy to follow.

If you are looking for 2017 Camaro colors, Chevy Malibu colors, or something less common like Gold Mist Metallic for a 2008 Chevy avalanche, our extensive color range provides an original factory finish for any Chevy model.

At ERA, we focus on providing quality products alongside our excellent service, and this is why we only sell OEM touch up paint that provides a great finish. Also, any order made with us will be shipped free of charge.

Our Chevy touch up paint guide aims to help you save time on money repairing scratches and scrapes on your Chevy by doing it yourself. Our guide includes:

  • Finding Your Chevy Touch Up Paint Code
  • How To Repair Your Chevy With Touch Up Paint
  • What Chevy Paint Tool Should You Use?
  • Which equipment should I use to fix my Chevy?
  • Which bodywork repairs can you complete yourself?
  • What is the leading cause of chips and scratches on Chevy vehicles?

If you still need some assistance after reading our guide, ERA staff are always on hand to assist you over the phone. Our site also includes videos and walkthroughs which explain the process in detail.

Finding Your Chevy Touch Up Paint Code

Finding the Chevy paint code is the first step in repairing the damage on your vehicle. Locating the paint code simple. All codes are located on the “Service Parts Identification” sticker, and this could be located in a few different places depending on the model of your vehicle.

To find the Chevy paint code:

  1. Look on the driver-side door jamb
  2. Check under or behind the driver’s seat
  3. Check the rear of the middle console
  4. Try the inside rear deck lid
  5. Look on the spare wheel cover or well
  6. Finally, check the glove box

Generally speaking, the Chevy paint code will be on a white or silver sticker on one of the places listed above. Chevy truck and car colors start with a “BC/CC U” which means basecoat/clearcoat, with the U standing for Upper Color. This will then be followed by a four-digit sequence of numbers and letters, which is the Chevy paint code.

An example code is: U636R

The U636R paint above is for Switchblade Silver Metallic.

Chevy has made the process slightly more confusing because, depending on the model of your vehicle, the code may appear in different formats. For example, the code above may appear as WA382E, be aware of this when you are looking for the code.

After you have successfully found the Chevy paint code, use our online paint finder tool and order one of our products to guarantee an original factory finish. Whether it is your Colorado, Avalanche, or Silverado truck, we have the Chevy touch up paint to match. We provide exceptional value, and any purchases will be shipped for free.

As with any car manufacturer, Chevy can sometimes use different names for the same color. So your friends Camaro may have a different name to your Space Blue Metallic Malibu but may share the same Chevy code.

How To Repair Your Chevy With Touch Up Paint

Luckily repairing damage to the paint on your Chevy is straightforward. We have a range of products that help simplify the entire process and restore those perfect Chevy colors. Fixing the scrapes or scratches yourself will also save you a lot of time while being gentle on the wallet.

Restoring your vehicle to its original factory finish using Chevy touch up paint requires you to follow the steps below. Before beginning the process, make sure that you have favorable weather because poor weather can result in a variety of issues when the Chevy paint dries. You should aim for an outside temperature of at least 50 degrees.

To complete the Chevy touch up paint process:

  1. Clean the area – ensure that the damaged area is thoroughly cleaned before starting. You will need to use grease remover alongside the water.
  2. Tape the area – tape the area surrounding the damage. This will ensure other parts of the vehicle are not damaged.
  3. Apply Primer – when applying the primer, make sure that it is done in thin layers for maximum effect. You can repeat the process as many times as needed, make sure to wait five minutes between coats.
  4. Wait Overnight – Once the primer has been applied, you must leave it to try overnight.
  5. Prepare the area for the Chevy touch up paint – Use sandpaper to smooth the damaged area. 220 and 600 grit sandpaper provide optimal results.
  6. Apply the Chevy Touch Up Paint – Apply the paint in several thin layers. Make sure to wait at least ten minutes between each coat.
  7. After applying a few layers, look to see if it aligns with the surrounding area. Apply more Chevy touch up paint if necessary.
  8. Leave the paint to dry for at least 24 hours.
  9. Use Clear Coat – The final application is Clear Coat. This is used to seal the paint and protect the area. You should apply three layers of clear coat, again waiting five to ten minutes between each application.
  10. Leave your vehicle to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

If any of the steps are not clear, we have a variety of how-to videos that guide you step-by-step through the process. You can find these on our YouTube channel. Please contact us if you need more detailed information on the Chevy touch up paint process.

What Chevy Paint Tool Should You Use?

There are a couple of things to consider before deciding on the paint tools you will use to fix your vehicle. They are the size and location of the damage. There are several tools to choose from:

  • Chevy spray paint – is the best choice for big scratches or scrapes. All of our spray paint comes in 12oz spray canisters.
  • Jars of Chevy paints – pots are great for small scratches that require more attention to detail.
  • Chevy touch up paint pens – are also useful for small areas of damage but have their drawbacks.

At ERA, we do not sell Chevy touch up paint pens. They do not provide the quality that we have come to expect from the products we stock. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we want to give you the best tools available. Unfortunately, touch up paint pens do not provide the flawless factory finish that we want to offer our customers. For a Space Blue Metallic Malibu, a touch up paint pen would quickly begin to flake as they struggle to properly fix metallic Chevy colors.

For most of our clients, we recommend spray paint. It comes in 12oz canisters and means you can get an ideal color match on even the tricky Chevy Malibu colors. We provide a larger 12oz canister so that you can get larger jobs done at a great price.

Jars of Chevy paint that come with small brushes attached to the end are the go-to choice for minor scratches or chips.

Which equipment should I use to fix my Chevy?

With the right equipment fixing your damaged vehicle is cheaper and more convenient than going to a costly body shop. Whether you are looking to fix a Suburban SUV or a Luxo Blue Chevy Volt, the right equipment is essential.

You should buy:

  1. Wax and Grease Cleaner – This is used at the very beginning of the process
  2. Masking tape – This helps to prevent other areas of the Chevy from becoming discolored or affected.
  3. Primer – This is used to ready the damaged area for the paint.
  4. Sandpaper – 220 and 600 grit sandpaper smooths out the primer before the application of the paint.
  5. OEM Touch up paint – You can decide on either spray paint or a jar.
  6. Clear Coat – This seals the Chevy touch up paint.
  7. Blue Shop Towel – This will help shine the vehicle afterward and clean your hands.
  8. Nitrile Gloves – To help protect your hands throughout the process.

The equipment above can be bought individually. However, we recommend buying one of our bodywork repair kits, which contains all of the essentials to complete the Chevy touch up paint process. Purchasing a bundle also works out cheaper.

Which bodywork repairs can you complete yourself?

Looking to tackle bodywork damage can be a daunting prospect if you don’t have a lot of experience fixing cars. Most people want to avoid making any problems worse. Before trying to repair damage to the body of your vehicle, make sure you are aware of your limitations. We have created a shortlist of the things you should and shouldn’t tackle by yourselves.

  • Fixing damaged glass by using injection tools or replacing the panel is possible but should only be attempted by people with experience.
  • Completing the Chevy touch up paint process and identify Chevy truck or car colors can be done by a novice.
  • If you have the right tools, you can attempt to fix a dent or reshape the body. However, some experience is recommended.
  • A cracked windshield can be repaired DIY style. You will need to order the correct kit and make sure you do it in a timely fashion before the crack spreads.

Before deciding to take on any bodywork, remember that apart from screen cracks and paint touch ups, repairs will most likely need some specialist equipment. So make sure to do cost up the price beforehand.

What is the leading cause of chips and scratches on Chevy vehicles?

Unfortunately, chips and scratches can occur anywhere at any time, even if your vehicle is maintained correctly. We want to help you understand the most common causes of scratches, which can help you avoid them.


  • Cleaning – It is essential to clean your Chevy with clean sponges and towels; otherwise, dirt can accumulate and damage the paint. To avoid damaging Chevy colors, make sure the equipment you use to clean your vehicle is washed between uses.
  • Car washes – Hand washing your vehicle is far less likely to damage it than if you use an automatic car wash. Give yourself the time and do it by hand.
  • Roadside debris – A lot of Chevy’s are damaged because of loose rock or debris on the roads. Unfortunately, this is hard to avoid, but by making sure to avoid any gravel, you can mitigate this risk.
  • Fuel spills – If any gas is spilled on the body of your vehicle, make sure to clean it as soon as possible. If you don’t wash it off, the paintwork will fade and potentially peel.

There is no foolproof method to protect your paintwork. But hopefully, by being aware of debris on the road and other significant factors, you can avoid any damage.